{ 3 for $16 } Apothecary Wax Melts


{ 3 for $16 } Apothecary Wax Melts

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Our small batch wax melts are crafted with natural soy-beeswax blend and artisan (phthalate-free) fragrance oil then hand-poured into plastic containers and finished with dried flowers and herbs. This long lasting fragrant soy wax will fill your home with fragrance and burn for hours at a time.

QTY: Choice of 3  |  SIZE: 3 oz.  |  BURN TIME: 20-25 Hours 

CHOICE OF FRAGRANCE:  Choose your choice of fragrance after adding to cart. 

  • Rose Sandalwood
  • Grapefruit Lemongrass
  • Blue Spruce Jasmine
  • Peppermint Tea Tree
  • Lavender Chamomile

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Burn 2 blocks of wax at a time to increase longevity of fragrance. Want to change out fragrances? Just pour wax back into the container, use hot water and soap to remove wax from wax warmer and pop in a new fragrance and viola! Enjoy the yumminess.


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