I recently purchased a candle style at a local outdoor market but it's not offered on your website. How can I order more? Just drop us a line and we can make it happen. Typically, we try new concepts at local events as a test market. Once we get a good response we look into adding best sellers to our regular production.  

I am looking for Milk + Honey Candles, are you associated with them? Yes, we are formerly Milk + Honey Candles. Our recent name change is tied to our mission to save the bees.  We have also expanded into bath & body products.

Where are you located?  Our brick & mortar is in Wichita, KS. We also have a private studio & office to Kansas City, MO.

Can I use your wax melts in Scentsy burners?  Yes. The benefit of using our wax melts is that they are water soluble and you and easy wash out the wax with hot water and soap.  If you happen to get any on your carpet, hot water and soap will to the trick. 

Why do you no longer carry wood wick candles?  We wish we could still offer these.  However, there were many inconsistencies on how these candles burned and we wanted to control the quality of our product to ensure a perfect burning candle to every customer. This lead to the removal of this line.   

I see your list of fragrances, but I don't see that candle for sale.  How do I buy one?  We are in the process of adding our new seasonal line to the website. Feel free to email us what you would like and we can can process your order.

Do you offer wholesale?  Yes, we have a handful of retailers and would love to grow into new markets. We have opening minimum and a lead time of 2 weeks on all wholesale orders.  Please email us for more information.