Feeling Squirrely? Try Nut-pourri!

Lately, I have been just memorized by these enormous fuzzy nuts that are falling out of the sky.  Why are they so odd?  Never have I seen anything quite like them before. 

Acorn harvest2.JPG

Then yesterday, I got a wild hair up my you know what and did some good old fashion research. Come to find out that this is from a Burr Oak Tree.  Thought maybe these nuts were abnormally large and alien-like because our tree got struck by lighting this summer.


There are over 52 different oak species in North America. The Burr Oak Tree produces the largest acorns in the oak family.  You can identify the oak by it's leaf shape.  

You can see the split in the bark from where the lighting struck.  Only feet away from the house, the lighting blew out two televisions and the garage door.  Welcome to Kansas.  

Washed up these bad boys and remove the cap of the acorn.  Thought that they would make a beautiful arrangement on the table in a bowl for the fall season.  Then an idea flashed in my mind, "NUT-POURRI!"  I couldn't resist.  After the acorns dried I soaked them in Cedarwood Amber oil and stored them in a tupperware container. After a day of soaking up the fragrant oil, I poured them into a decorative bowl and voila. They just smell so rich and woodsy.  Nothing beats bringing the outdoors inside. 

We are so lucky that the lighting strike didn't kill our oak tree.  Guess we should mark this years acorn harvest as our "lucky nuts."


My acorns bring all the squirrels to the yard. ;-)

Acorn harvest5.JPG