The stars and the moon have aligned

The day has finally come...  I am officially launching Milk + Honey Candles to the public.  It's been blood, sweat and tears climbing this uphill road over the years. But in my mind I never lost sight of my dream.  

I'll be completely honest, it's scary to leave the security blanket of corporate employment and benefits. It took a lot to believe in myself and have the confidence in my abilities. And it definitely didn't happen over night.  Lost without motivation and direction, I had a  conversation with God. Through some divine intervention the stars and the moon aligned, the clouds lifted and everything became so clear. I discovered myself again. With the support of my beloved friends... suddenly, my business was up and running. Out of the basement and into people hands. I have to tell you, the reviews I have been getting from customers have been so overwhelmingly exciting to hear. It practically brings tears to my eyes because I can't believe that this is happening. 

So what do we do from here? We party! For those of you who know me this isn't a surprise, event planning has been my life for the past 7 years. But this time, it's my party!!! 

Please join me on Friday, Nov. 1st as I celebrate and share my craft with you. Milk + Honey Candles has been a dream that has come to life. Finally, I am able to stand beside my handmade soy candles and share my passion with all of you. Let's taste wine, eat and shop!  Enough said, right? 

In order to provide enough refreshments and food for all our guests PLEASE RSVP to  This is a come and go event, hope you can stop by.