our story

"Our first year we introduced ourself to the community by participating in local farmer's markets. Building relationships with stockists and growing our wholesale was the next natural step. Our first year in business, Whole Foods Market approached us at a local market and the dream quickly became a reality. "Everything happened so fast and the evolution of our identity has defined who we are as a brand. This has truly been an exciting journey and I look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead." - Lisa Williams-Laufer

about us

Nectar Republic is a small family-owned, home fragrance brand founded by Lisa Williams-Laufer. Created with a foundation based on strong midwest work ethic; believe in yourself, work hard and do good. A formula that calls for a hands-on approach with eco-friendly materials, detailed craftsmanship and spirited ambition. Inspired by early 20th century vintage advertisements and the American entrepreneurial spirit, our labels reflect a time from the past that resonates in the present. 

photography by Jaclyn Cage of Lovely to Meet You

photography by Jaclyn Cage of Lovely to Meet You

Good-bye Milk + Honey

In 2016, We rebranded and expanded our product line. Today Nectar Republic offers many aroma-goods. Lisa vision was to "offer a well curated & stylized selection of handcrafted, natural goods. Reliving the simple times and knowing exactly where your milk or honey came from was the idea I wanted to possess. I wanted to offer wholesome goodness with a promise and a smile that meant something real." We worked hard to build a reputation for high-standards and superior quality and invite you to experience our work for yourself. 

the candle kitchen

We are all grows up now! Finally our little start-up has taken off. N.R. grew up and moved out of the basement. Our humble candle studio has is now located in our sweet little brick & mortar in the historic College Hill neighborhood of Wichita. We also have a second home in Kansas City at The Painted Sofa where we house our makes.